TOURIST (Short Term Schengen Visa)


One recent photograph (passport size, white background) pasted on the visa form;

• Online application form duly filled and signed (Incase of minors / disabled, to be signed by legal guardian);

• Cover letter stating purpose and other details of travel;

• Indian passport and xerox copies of its relevant pages (issued within last 10 years and valid at least three months beyond the date of arrival back in India);

• Air ticket reservation to Portugal and back. Internal Schengen travel ticket reservations if applicable;

• Hotel reservation indicating stay for all days within the Schengen area;

• In case of invitation, then sponsorship letter or ‘Termo de Responsabilidade’(notarized in Portugal) undertaking responsibilities for boarding, lodging, medical assistance and repatriation, by a resident of Portugal along with copy of ID of sponsor and his proof of financial status.

• Overseas Medical Insurance covering repatriation for medical reasons; urgent medical assistance; and all other travel related expenses– Min. coverage Euros 30.000

• Proof of financial status – IT Returns last 3 years & bank statements of last 3 months.

• If working –leave certificate, salary slips and NOC to leave the counry (if working for public services).

• If holding business – proof of documents. (Company registration certificate, etc.)

• Proof of subsistence – Euros 75 per entry and Euros 40 per day (proof of foreign exchange of copy of credit card – front side and credit limit statement);

• Children under 18 years of age traveling without one or both parents must submit a notarized authorization for travel signed by both parents or by the parent not traveling, along with a copy of  parents’passport.

• Travel dates in Air Ticket, Invitation, Insurance and Covering Letter should match.

• Any other additional document if required shall be intimated.


 (Kindly refer to Consular fees for visa fees)