Welcome to the Consulate General of Portugal in Goa

The areas in India that come under its jurisdiction are Goa, Maharashtra, Daman, Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli.


Public attendance is subject to prior appointment, which must be taken on this website.


When presenting on the day of the appointment, in addition to the documents necessary for the intended consular act, you must bring a printed copy of this appointment, as well as a valid identification document (if this identification document is foreign, then it must be the passport).


https://agendamentosonline.mne.gov.pt/AgendamentosOnline/index.jsf  for Citizen Card and Passport, Nationality, Minor Birth Registration, Marriage Registration, Death Registration, Notariado, Assentos and other certificates etc.


Kindly note that any query regarding Nationality will be accepted only via email sent to consulado.goa@mne.pt or via prior appointment, applied through the website: www.consuladoportugalgoa.com



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