Message from the Consul General

       Dear Visitors,


It was with great satisfaction that, on the 19th of October, I assumed functions as Consul General in Goa, also including the Union Territories of Diu, Daman and Dadra - Nagar Haveli, as well as the State of Maharashtra.


From the outset, I consider it essential to assist, under its guidance, the Portuguese Embassy in New Delhi, in terms of bilateral relations between Portugal and India, and in other areas, especially with regard to the areas of jurisdiction of this Consulate-General.


At the same time, I wish to greet all those who are part of the Portuguese community residing here and all the Indian citizens who live here, and all who travel here, who, together, contribute to the harmony between peoples and to the preservation of the affective, cultural, social and historical ties that unite Portugal and India, in Goa and in other territories that are under the jurisdiction of this Consulate General.


I would like to extend to you all my best wishes for prosperity and success, and I express the desire and will, which I know are shared by my legal substitute and by all the employees of this Consulate General, to put all my efforts into meeting your aspirations, providing a better service each time to the applicants who come to us, in a common effort between all. In this sense, we will be able to respond daily and provide the best follow-up to the various requests received here within the scope of our attributions and competences.


I also express the firm intention, uniting efforts with the Centro de Língua Portuguesa do Camões, I.P., the worthy local authorities and other relevant Portuguese and Indian civil, military and religious entities, to continue and reinforce the important task of disseminating the language and the Portuguese and Indo-Portuguese culture, and to establish bridges of dialogue, cooperation and inter-relation between the Portuguese universe and the particular Goan idiosyncrasy and culture, with a view to the renovation and construction of a common heritage that can continue to transcend borders. 


                      At your service


The Consul General



Maria Isabel de Carvalho Mendonça Raimundo



Panjim - Goa, 11th November, 2022